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Tide Studio Denim: 3-Pack Bundle

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Now: $35.99


Get your favorite Tide Studio Denim Detergent now in a pack of 3 bottles!

We designed Tide Studio Active to clean and care for your favorite denim including jeans, shorts, jackets, and more. Our formula is different from other detergents, with a gentler clean that is less harsh on fabrics while still cleaning them and leaving them fresh. 

Our bottles contain enough detergent for 60 washes. We recognize that you may only wash a few denim garments at one time, so we designed a sleek, more slender bottle that both takes up less room on your laundry shelf and looks good while doing so. 

We generally recommend using a few capfuls for a small amount of garments and a few more for a larger load of garments. 

What It Does:

  • Provides a gentle clean for your premium denim fabrics
  • Helps protect the color and appearance of jeans
  • Helps to reduce fiber damage over time
  • Provides a pleasant scent to leave your jeans smelling fresh wear after wear

Usage Instructions:

  • Safe to use in both hot and cold washing water. May be used with any fabric softener.
  • May be used in both non-HE and HE machines.
  • Each bottle contains 16.9 fl oz and washes up to 60 garments.  
  • Please refer to the particular garment’s care label for proper washing instructions before use.