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We believe that laundry shouldn't be a one-size-fits-all. That is why we created a premium line of detergents designed to individually care for specialty fabrics like denim, delicates, and activewear. 

We know that sometimes, you don't always wash a large load of clothes at once, and as a result, do not need to use as much detergent. Our Tide Studio bottles are designed for you to use a few capfuls of detergent for small loads (3-5 garments) and a few more for larger loads (5-10 garments). Each bottle contains enough detergent to wash approximately 60 garments.

Usage Instructions:

  • Safe to use in both hot and cold washing water. May be used with any fabric softener.
  • May be used in both non-HE and HE machines.
  • Each bottle contains 16.9 fl oz and washes up to 60 garments.  
  • Please refer to the particular garment’s care label for proper washing instructions before use.